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Athletes doing power cleans

Route 33 Fitness

Our Route 33 Fitness program is designed to produce a well-rounded athlete that can tackle whatever physical and mental obstacle they must face. Whether you are striving to reach an elite level of fitness or become better at everything you do in your everyday life our Fitness program will challenge you to be better. The workouts are universally scalable and can be executed by elite athletes, moms to be, grandparents, etc. We utilize the activities people have been doing every day for thousands of years: running, jumping, throwing, picking things up from below, and pressing over head. Each session is a 60 minute long group workout, instructed by a certified trainer.

Route 33 Wellness

Our Route 33 Wellness program uses the same principles as our Fitness classes but without the heavy barbells or technical lifting making it the perfect introductory to fitness program. Workouts consist of running, rowing, air squats, push-ups, lunges, and simple gymnastics, as well as light weighted movements with kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and tires. All movements can be scaled and modified to all fitness levels. Route 33 Wellness is perfect for individuals to begin their fitness journey or for people who are slightly intimidated by heavy or technical barbell lifting. Each session is a 60 minute long group workout, instructed by a certified trainer. Beginning September 3rd MOMS on the MOVE Wellness class T/TH 10:00am

Group doing an exercise class
Teenagers warming up

Route 33 Teens

Route 33 Teens program is valuable for teenagers of ANY athletic background, whether our fitness program is your child's first and only physical activity, or if they are high level middle school/high school athletes looking for that competitive edge. Route 33 Teens is a strength and conditioning class designed exclusively for teenage athletes (7th-12th grade). We combine age-appropriate weightlifting to enhance strength and power with basic gymnastics to increase agility, mobility and flexibility. This high intensity training delivers optimal fitness and performance and is ideal for any teenager looking to get the edge over their competitor in their chosen sporting field. In addition, Route 33 Teens is a great way to get your teenager into the habit of training and maintaining good healthy habits.

  • The benefits of Route 33 Teens:

  • Learn correct technique from qualified coaches in a safe environment
  • Improved sporting performance
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Protect against injury
  • Strengthen the mind, and improves life skills such as focus, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting

Route 33 Kids

Our Route 33 Kids program is specifically designed for youth to introduce them to a fitness program safely and appropriately in an encouraging and welcoming environment. Not only will the Route 33 Kids classes help to keep your child fit, healthy, and happy, but the self-confidence and community cultivated at Route 33 Fitness will be an unparalleled experience. With workouts that are scaleable, Route 33 Kids can equally benefit a child who is less active or an accomplished athlete by tailoring workouts so that each participant is challenged just enough to deliver measurable results and personal athletic progress.

  • 1st Gear: K–3rd grade
  • 2nd Gear: 4th–6th grade
kid climbing rope
Children learning about fitness

Route 33 Preschool

The main goal of our Route 33 Preschool program (ages 3-5) is to teach kids that exercise is FUN! We will provide your child with age appropriate "workouts" geared towards increasing body awareness, basic coordination, and developing their fine and gross motor skills. Each 30 minute class will include play based fitness activities, such as, obstacle courses, games, relay races and basic gymnastics. Who knew squatting like a frog, climbing like a monkey, and jumping like superheros could make Fitness so Fun! Beginning September 3rd MOMS on the MOVE Wellness class T/TH 10:00am


Route 33 Fitness is proud to offer a fitness class designed to assist individuals with disabilities in Reaching Independence through Strength and Empowerment. With our methodology being universally scaleable and workout times being short, athletes with disabilities can remain focused resulting in:

  • Increased strength and mobility
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Confidence building
  • Improved function and movement efficiency
Group activity for mentally handicapped
Kids having fun at birthday party

Birthday Parties

Host a fun and active birthday party at Route 33 Fitness!

  • Birthday parties include use of the space for 2 hours, 15 min. set up, 90 min. party, and 15 min. break down.

  • For ages 4 and up. If children attending are younger than 4 a parent MUST accompany them on the Fitness floor.

  • For the first hour, a Route 33 Kids certified staff member will lead your child and their friends in a warm-up, games, and obstacle courses. Older kids will enjoy a round robin style dodgeball tournament.

  • After an hour of Fitness fun the party will move to a designated area for food, cake, and presents. Tables and chairs provided only. Host must supply decorations, table clothes, utensils, plates, napkins, etc.

  • Membership pricing:

  • 1–12 kids $175
  • Non-member pricing:

  • 1–12 kids $225

All participants must fill out the online waiver ahead of time, wear clothes to exercise/play in and bring a water bottle.

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